meet the board

Larry Karnick


I started riding when the training wheels came off.
My first bike was a 1970 Honda ct70H which I still have.
I rode my fathers BMW R69US in upstate NY and did my road test and endorsement on that bike at age 15.
Over the years I’ve had many different bikes as I bought and sold them as part of my business but came back to BMW with a K1200LT and recently traded up to the K1600GTL.

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Jon Chellgren

Vice President

During my freshman year of college I bought my first motorcycle, a 50cc Harley, to commute across campus.  Yes, it was a Harley that looked like a Moped.  It was so slow that I “upgraded” to a Honda 160 Scrambler my sophomore year.  This marked the beginning of my life-long hobby of riding and collecting bikes.  I like all types of riding, including touring, classics, sport and GS.  I met my wife, who often rides behind me, at college.  We enjoy riding and touring in the USA.  We have also taken several motorcycle tours in Europe and recently in Thailand.  I also like riding sports bikes in the mountains and for track days.

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MaryLou Miller


Born in Miami, raised in Miami Springs and currently lives in Plantation, FL.  Although I do have a motorcycle endorsement, I most enjoy riding as a passenger with my husband, Tom.  Even though I enjoyed our first motorcycles, a Honda CX500 and Harley Davidson Low Rider, for our 13thwedding anniversary I asked for an “old man’s bike” (1995 HD “Carmen” Electra Glide) so we could travel and that we did. That was followed by Helga, our 2007 R1200RT, a 2012 HD Road Glide “Sweet Pea” (30thwedding anniversary flower) and Natasha, our Ural. In December of 2010, I retired from my Nursing career at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Tom and I celebrated that milestone with a post-Thanksgiving motorcycle adventure to NOLA, the Gulf Coast and back home on Helga, our BMW. I certainly enjoyed the heated seat on that trip!

Liz Rideg


Doraine “Liz” Rideg

I first began riding when I met my husband Carl in 1972.  Our first rides were on a 1970 Honda CB450 which we rode weather permitting in New England until our son was born in 1984. We are originally from Connecticut.

We got back into riding in 2011 when Carl wanted to get back on a bike and purchased a 2004 BMW K1200 GT.  We joined the club in 2013 after meeting the group at 441 Cycle.    Long trips were limited until I retired in 2015 from Regent Bank as Assistant Controller/AVP.  In 2016 we completed our longest trip from Florida to Newport, RI which Carl had originally rode in the reverse in 1971.  We have made many trips through FL, GA, NC, CT and the New England area, both by bike and by trailering to a location and riding.  In 2017 we rode a two week trip from CT to Canada including NB, PEI and NS.   The Cape Breton area was a favorite part of our ride.  We look forward to riding in the future with the club and solo hoping to return to Canada in 2018

Tom Paligraf

Director & Past President

Motorcycles have been a part of my life for the past forty years. My first street bike was a Honda CX500, followed by several Harley Davidson touring bikes. In 2009 I finally saw the light and acquired Helga, a 2007 R1200RT, with less than 1,000 miles. It has carried my wife, Mary Lou, and I to Washington DC, the Blue Parkway and New Orleans. We both enjoy motorcycle touring and over the years have ridden the Rocky Mountains extensively. In addition to Helga, we currently have Carmen and Sweet Pea, a pair of Harleys and Natasha, a Ural.

Dave Risley


My first real bike was a 350 Harley Davidson that I Purchased for $2500 at a time when I only had $2800 to my name, I was about 20 years old.  A year or two later I moved up to a brand new 650 Yamaha, which I purchased in the middle of a Michigan winter because I didn’t have much money and I could get a better deal in the winter.  I ended up storing my brand new baby in my dining room until springtime! My next bike was a Honda 750 four cylinder and it ran like a sewing machine. Then I had kids… So I didn’t ride for 20 years!  I finally got back in the saddle with a Harley Road King which eventually led me to get a brand new Street Glide. It was black with tons of chrome, it was my pride and joy! At about the same time I purchased a Honda Blackbird and I was on top of the world, owning two totally different types of motorcycles at the same time!  I never thought I would want anything else until…

I saw a huge BMW motorcycle on the highway and just out of curiosity, I stopped by 441 BMW.  Fred, a great salesman, coaxed me into taking his GTL for a ride, so I did, with no intention of buying one.  Wow…That was all it took! I thought I was in a Ferrari and promptly put down a deposit for the next one they were allotted… that was the beginning of my love for BMWs. The rest is history… and many more BMW’s!

Robert A Paterson


My first “real Bike”, was a 1980 Suzuki GP125 which I purchased used for 200 GBP when I moved to London in 1984.  I used it constantly in all imaginable weathers and even though it was underpowered and not much of a looker it never let me down and I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for it.  My next bike was a quantum leap from the first, a 1994 Yamaha V Max which I modified with a 4 into 1 Kerker and stage 7 jet kit.  Although we had many great rides the bike wasn’t that practical with a range of only around 100 miles depending on how throttle happy I was, which was pretty much all the time.  We eventually parted ways in 1988 and a long hiatus from motorcycle ownership ensued.  In January of 2017 I purchased a new r1250 GSA after deliberating for more than a few years if a bike was in my future.  Like so many others I was inspired by the video adventures I saw on You Tube which was a large part of how I ended up choosing this bike, I’m glad I did because it was fabulous in every way and Miriam and I have really enjoyed every minute we spent on it.  That bike has now been replaced, due to unforeseen circumstances with a 2021 R1250 GSA, and so, the adventure continues.